My new Album is here: "MEMORIES"!!

By alicia |



The album will be released December 18th. You can preorder physical CDs now:

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After a long time of composing, rehearsals and recordings, today I can share with you the music that one day started as an intimate dialog with my piano.

This album contains mostly pieces that reflect memories from my last years. Fights, dreams, joys and growths. Now they have becomelights that I want to remember and relight again. And although they were born from myself, they talk about experiences that we all share, and which make us human.

Listen to the piece: "Espejos"
"Espejos" (Mirrors) is one of the pieces of this album. It is full of passion. A work to dive into. Especially dedicated to those mirrors that make us reflect, that discover what is not visible to the naked eye.

Thanks for being there and I hope you enjoy it.

With love,