Birthday present - Newspaper interview

By alicia |

Today is my 30th birthday!

I have some good news to share. A few days ago, the local newspaper published an interview, that we did after a concert. We did the interview in english, and then the journalist translated it into danish. Her name is Pernille Rohde and she works for "Taastrup Lokalavisen". I felt very confortable from the start, she was humble and nice, and I was very thankful for all the interest she had on me. She had listened to the music and she had enjoyed it a lot. She felt it was exotic for a spanish woman, composer and pianist, had arrived to the danish shores. She asked me many things about my story, what I thought about Denmark and my world view. She didn't stop writing down as much as she could. She is a professional and I was very flattered for her interest.

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