My music style

Por alicia |

I have been asked many times what kind of music I make, and sometimes it is hard to answer, because the genre is not well defined. But if I had to start somewhere I would describe it as classical music, minimalist, emotional, easy to follow, piano music, cinematic and harmonious.

Classic because I use classic instruments and a composition that reminds of the structures in classic music. Moreoever, I have studied in a conservatory and grown in that environment, so it has had a great influence on me.

Minimalist because I identify myself with other composers as Ludovico Eunaudi, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, Enya... that use simple melodies to create atmospheres.

Emotional because each piece is full of sentiments. From sadness to love, from loneliness to joy, from melancholy to suspense. Emotions we have all felt sometime, because they are human.

Easy to follow is like saying "singable". You can submerge yourself in the melody and sing through the piece.

The piano is the center of my creation because it is my own voice, the instrument I master, and it serves as my inspiration in each piece. It is also me who plays it in every composition and concert.

Cinematic. My music inspires images that come with the sound. It is easy to imagine a story when you listen to it.

Harmonious. When creating music I always try to create beauty, and for me the maximum expression of beauty is when everything is harmonious, makes sense and follows a logical structure, like in the nature.


I invite you to experiment it yourself. How does my music sound to you?