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Dear Alicia of Co.
I have had a great and wonderful experience. You play as a dream and the music fills my heart with joy and positive thoughts. I look forward to hearing you again next time. See you. Love,

Dorthe Jul Hansen | October 07, 2016

It was my first classical concert. It was very beautiful, pretty and easily accessible. A wonderful experience that I would like to experience again.

Susanne Meincke | October 07, 2016

It was fantastic. Very varied and melodious. Loved to hear "Obra de amor y gracia" (my favorite) :) I would highly recommend the concert to others. Thank you for sharing your music with us :)

Lone Helbo | October 07, 2016

I will start by writing that I am very "new" when it comes to classical music / concerts. I have previously been to two concerts of Ludovico Einaudi and found him quite enchanting.
I've heard your music online and I am now here for the concert.
Your music is incredibly beautiful, enchanting, dreamy music I would never want to quit. Thank you for this enchanting experience and I am looking forward to that again to spend time in your magnificent company. Maybe even in a huge scenary :).

Louise Meincke | October 07, 2016

It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Lovely-dreamy.

Kirsten Helbo | October 07, 2016

Thanks for an intense and beautiful concert. Lovely music that flowed into the soul. Thanks!!

Ulf Nielsen | October 07, 2016

Thank you for a lovely afternoon with the most captivating music. The music evokes vivid images in me. Great to experience the snow flakes through your music. I would love to hear your next concert in November. <3

Heidi Boyhus | October 07, 2016

Beautiful presentation, elegant, argued. Beautiful game between dreamy, ethereal, determined and temperamental, playful and easy. Cello and flute emphasizes depth and ease. Six stars.

Guja Gisela Schonard | October 07, 2016

Very strong and beautiful experience. Gentle, powerful and gripping tones. A melodic mood that strikes gently over the cheek and takes one in her arms.

Eya Betiina Jørgensen | October 07, 2016

A very beautiful concert filled with the sounds of nature, with sensuous tones that reflect the beautiful pianist.
The combination of flute, cello and piano gives a very beautiful balance in all the beautiful tones. Heaven must sound like this <3.

Sheela Pohani | October 07, 2016

The music and composition is alive and sensitive. It is beautifully played and a good mixture with the cello and flute.

Ilanni | October 07, 2016

Much of this <3
felt calm and affected <3
Great intensity and emotional <3
Both the music and Alicia's appearance and cute creature <3

Christina Andersen | October 07, 2016

I was pleased with the concert and the beautiful piano playing. You could feel the mood of the songs and how they differed from each other. Your song about snow gave me good memories of Christmases of my childhood. Wish you all the best of luck in the future, where I hope to hear you play again.

Mikkel Lindberg Laursen | October 07, 2016

Alicia you make such beautiful music!
Never in my imagination could I describe with words how talented you are :) 10/10 <3
Thank you for a beautiful evening!
Please make more music <3 :)

Mia Eickworth / Lis Eickworth | October 07, 2016

Such a beautiful concert, full of emotional melodies. Good structured from the beginning to the end. It was a big pleasure to listen to it.

Tomas Paškevičius | October 07, 2016

A trip around pleasant emotions. I will be delighted to follow Alicia's path and listen to her in different places. Beautiful concert. Thank you.

Alfredo Jiménez | October 07, 2016

A concert full of emotions and feelings that describe the personality and delicacy of the artist. Charming and moving.

Shalom Nattasha Mena Soto | October 07, 2016

Intense. Warm. Extraordinary.
The sound was fantastic.
The titles of the songs reflect the journey. A journey that will not stop.
Many congratulations and successes.

Janeth Mora | October 07, 2016

Beautiful, very descriptive, emotional.

Suad Demirovic | November 19, 2016

Dear Alicia, 1000 thanks for a touching concert. The vals and the snow were the best. Love, Louise Sophie.

Louise Sophie | November 19, 2016

The kids thought the music was exciting as each piece was about a topic, which made it easier to relate to the pieces.

I felt the music as very sensitive and I was touched several times during the concert. It was both gripping and beautiful.

Birk, Thor og Maria Snebang | November 19, 2016

A very poetic experience to hear Alicia and ensemble at the Music Academy Saturday. November 19. I look forward to letting my mind calm down for the concert in Metronomen 14/01.

Claus Dam | November 19, 2016

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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